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Our Favorite Fly-FIshing Blogs

Our Favorite Fly-Fishing Blogs
Our Favorite Fly-Fishing Blogs

Here at the Platte River Fly Shop Blog we love fly-fishing, as well as fly-fishing blogs, basically anything related to fly-fishing because we simply love fly-fishing. Well, you get the drift. If you’d like us to feature your fly-fishing blog, then please contact us and we’d be happy to consider it. We are searching for fly-fishing blogs that simply celebrate the wonderful world of fly-fishing or fly-tying. Below is a list of our most favorite fly-fishing blogs.


Huck TarponFly-Fishing-Blog.TimHuckaby.com – Outside of the technology world, Tim’s true loves are spectator sports and the outdoors.  Tim is an obsessed Fly Fisherman who has fly fished all over the world and ties his own flies.  Tim’s flies, especially the “Huck-Hopper” is used by guides and fly fisherman around the world.  Tim is not an “indoor workout guy”; He’s an avid mountain biker, endurance runner, snowboarder and beach volleyball player…even though he’s an “old guy”.  Oh yea, Tim has never met a bar he didn’t like either.

Right Photo: Tim Huckaby with Captain Chris Wiggins. Tarpon, 8 foot, 160 lbs



Geargals.com is for women enthusiasts. Our writers and reviewers are rangers, guides, ski patrollers, military professionals, search and rescue workers, and general all around badasses (what? It’s true). You can find the skinny on the best gear, read about our real-life escapades, learn about other badass women – and take a few breaks for humor, too. If you like the outdoors, are into traveling the world, and/or if you’re into two wheels instead of four – this is your site. GearGals.com is a blog that produces fun, humorous, serious, entertaining, thought provoking, and/or utterly dull content on a regular basis. This blog reviews products that come their way  and calls out sexiest and misogynistic behavior on the part of the industry and anyone else for that matter. GearGals.com goes on great trips and not even tell you about them, or maybe tell you about them. Finally, they live normal lives as most excellent women and not try to pretend there is really any more to it than that. To visit GearGals.com, please CLICK HERE.