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Fly-Fishing Southern Utah for Winter Largemouth Bass

Fly-Fishing Southern Utah For Winter Largemouth Bass
Fly-Fishing Southern Utah For Winter Largemouth Bass

by Terry Dunford

Fly-Fishing Southern Utah for winter largemouth bass is a lot easier than you may think, especially if you have the right guide service, that is, if you wish to go out on a nice boat with a professional who can put you right where the fish are. I just got done fishing at Sand Hollow in Hurricane, UT about 10 miles north of St. George. Today is December 20 and it was a real cold day. This time of year the largemouth bass are pretty much half asleep I like to call it. They are all on the very bottom. At Sand Hollow Reservoir the depth is between 25 to 45 in some parts.

To effectively get a bite from a largemouth bass in winter, you’ll want to put the rig right in front of them. We were using a Ned rig which consisted of a small worm on a weighted hook, easy as that. We ended up catching about 7 3-pound largemouth bass from Greg’s 21 foot bass boat (beautiful boat). The largemouth can fight, even in the winter. I personally like to fish with flies because I tie my own fly patterns for fishing. You can use a fly rod, but that is not absolutely necessary because you can attach a crawdad pattern and fish it just a jig on the bottom and that is extremely effective.

Fly-Fishing Southern Utah For Winter Largemouth BassThe largemouth bass at Sand Hollow, especially, are just eating crawdads, bluegill and crappie at Sand Hollow since there is no baitfish or leeches. There are some hatches throughout the year, but during winter all they will eat is basically crawdads, bluegill and crappie. What is effective are Ned rigs, spinnerbaits, crawdad imitation fly patterns, bluegill imitation fly patterns and jigs with crawdad tails on the trailer hook.

I also recently learned that Sand Hollow offers excellent fishing in Spring and especially during the Summer months, so can’t wait to get with Greg again during the Spring and also the Summer, because during those months we’ll probably end up catching 30 or so large largemouth bass which will be really exciting, that’s for sure!!!

His Way St. George, Utah Bass GuideFor more information about Southern Utah Bass Guide Service, please visit Greg’s new website at http://hiswayfishing.com

Greg is a retired officer and a great guy to go fishing with. He has been fishing his entire life and can definitely put you on the fish. During Spring and Summer, you‘ll be able to catch bluegill and crappie at Sand Hollow, but during the winter months it will be very rare to catch any panfish due to the cold water conditions.

Another great place to fish in Southern Utah is at Quail Creek Reservoir which is right by Sand Hollow, so that’s very convenient. At Quail Creek Reservoir you can catch rainbow trout and largemouth bass. St. George, Utah also has a few Urban Ponds that they stock with rainbow trout and they are all really great places to go fly-fishing with dry fly patterns. I was personally using some Elk Hair Caddis patterns tied on a small hook because these rainbows only get about a foot long because there’s not enough food or water space for them to grow very large, but it’s still fun to fly-fish for them in the winter. You’ll want to go right before the sun comes up and fish through to about 9 am, then the bite will subside for the most part.

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Good luck fly-fishing for largemouth bass in the winter, so give it a go and tight lines!